25 bizarre lawsuits

Here’s a preview:

Batman sues Batman
Store owner sues homeless man for $1 million
Student sues school for being awakened by teacher
Man sues himself
PETA sues Division of Fish and Wildlife
Woman sues weather station for false report
Woman sues McDonald’s for coffee that is too hot
Man sues Michael Jordan for looking like him
Man sues family after getting stuck in their garage during robbery
Woman sues for breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler
Man sues for damaged bumper after running over pedestrian
Mom sues company where her son went on a shooting spree
Man sues ex-wife for return of kidney
Woman sues neighborhood girls for bringing her cookies
Boy sues school district for bad grade
Music company sues musician for silence
Woman sues haunted house for being scary
Man sues hospital for letting him rape a patient
Man sues his hostages for not helping him escape from police
Man sues Bank of America for more money than Earth’s total combined GDP
RIAA sues deceased elderly woman for digital piracy
Couple sues girl who sent text message to the driver that hit them on their motorcycle
Man sues pharmacy for overdosing on Xanax and slipping into a coma
Man sues Walmart for killing wife with defective grocery bag
Man sues Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for being members of Al Qaeda

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